About AIFM


The Arizona Interfaith movement’s mission is to build bridges of understanding, respect, and support among diverse people of faith through education, dialogue, service, and the implementation of the Golden Rule. We believe that every religion has some form of the Golden Rule that it teaches its members to live by.

We seek to promote the Golden Rule in all that we do. We are not a political organization, and we don’t offer commentary on political issues. Rather, we are an organization whose commitment to the principle of doing right by one another is the foundation of the actions we take. We seek to educate one another about the diverse religious backgrounds that make up our membership, and find common ground between those who hold differing viewpoints. We honor all of those who serve in the interest of the Golden Rule, and we invite you to explore the site, and learn more about who we are, and what we do.

AIFM Vision Statement

Our Vision is a world of harmony, good will and peace among persons of all faiths where the Golden Rule is a universal way of life.

A few Historic Highlights about the Arizona Interfaith Movement (AIFM):

In 1995, the seed was planted for the Arizona Interfaith Movement, which was originally known as the InterFaith Action Coalition of Arizona.

Here are a few highlights:

Voices of Faith Concerts – Where the community learns about different faith traditions through their music.  Also, one can learn all the many ways the Golden Rule is stated in all the many different faith traditions.

Golden Rule Resolution, May 13, 2003 – Making Arizona the First Golden Rule Sate in the nation.  This initiative taken by AIFM was inspired by Darl Andersen and kicked off our Golden Rule educational efforts.

Interfaith Habitat for Humanity Houses – Completed in 2003 and 2005.

Golden Rule License Plate, November 13, 2007 – initiated by AIFM, and approved by the Arizona Legislature, signed by Governor Janet Napolitano.  This beautiful state license plate, pictures the Grand Canyon, and states, “LIVE THE GOLDEN RULE.” may be purchased by the Motor Vehicle Dept. at www.servicearizona.com.

“Arizona Interfaith Movement Golden Rule Endowment Fund” was started with the AZ Community Foundation on 6/09/09 to ensure the sustainability of AIFM.

“Voices of Faith” Vol. I Resource Guide book was completed on April 24, 2009, and Vol. II on April 15, 2010.  They are comprised of 20 chapters featuring 22 different faith traditions and are written by practicing members of that faith.

“Interfaith Inspirations…” is a new book completed in November, 2010, and contains a scripture, message and prayer from 22 different faith traditions each day of the year about one of the 52 weekly topics.

Current AIFM Service Projects:

AZ Golden Rule Educational Experiences (A.G.R.E.E.) Program is being developed and expanded.  See www.AzGoldenRule.org.

AIFM Speakers Bureau – Responds to requests to bring a better understanding of different faith tradition to the community

Experience Interfaith – Features a Sikh Langar, followed by moderated small group discussions, with predetermined questions that further our understanding of our neighbor’s faith.

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