Golden Rule Awards Banquet

The Board of the Arizona Interfaith Movement (AIFM) warmly invites you to attend the
to be held on
Thursday, March 29, 2012, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Tickets still available at the door – we hope to see you there!

We will honor outstanding people / organizations who we believe are living out the Golden Rule.  See this link for a historic listing of All our Golden Rule Honorees / DVDs and further info CLICK.

Criteria for Golden Rule Honorees:  “Person / businesses / organizations who are selected to receive the Golden Rule Awards are people who we feel have demonstrated “living out” the Golden Rule objectives in their daily interaction with people and institutions in the community.  We’ve recognized that their values, practices and life in the community reflect their understanding, respect and support for the dignity of all people, and a dedicated resolve to bring about justice, equality, peace and sustainable life for all people.”

Contributions from this event will provide Arizona Interfaith Movement the power to fulfill its mission of Golden Rule education, events and service capacity.  Tickets only available at the door now.

INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN RULE DAY is April 5, 2012 – we will honor and celebrate it on March 29th at this event!!

The 2012 Honorees include:  





David and Joan Lincoln — Darl Anderson Award

Because the Golden Rule shines brilliantly through the lives of David and Joan Lincoln, they have impacted countless people over the years and, most recently, benefited students at ASU’s “Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics” and Claremont-Lincoln University in CA, the highest Golden Rule award goes to honor this distinguished couple.


Warren J Brown






Warren Brown — Youth Award – who, though being raised in a destructive area of south Los Angeles, Warren Brown has put the Golden Rule into magnificent action by developing programs that inspire self confidence, friendship and integrity in the hearts of countless youth today.



Bishop Minerva Carcano





Bishop Minerva Carcaño — Religious Award – who, because of her leadership through her church in addressing issues of justice and peace, demonstrated that the Golden Rule can bring reform, peace and justice to our communities.






David Engelman — Business Award – who is a shining light in the business community and through his pro bono work, illustrates that one can be successful in business while still living the Golden Rule.

Mussie Hailu

Mussie Hailu






Mussie Hailu — International Award – who has inspired people and government bodies from his home country of Ethiopia to all around the entire world to take the living of the Golden Rule to new heights, thus becoming the first International Golden Rule Honoree.







Dr. Patricia Nez Henderson — Health Award – who is known as “the Health Angel” by the Navajo people, earned this title by allowing the Golden Rule to permeate her professional and pro bono work, impacting countless people to have a healthier, better quality of life as a result.





St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic — Community Service (Executive Director, Laura Romero) – for unselfishly helping to coordinate and meet the needs of those in dire circumstances with professional volunteers, they have made a profound difference in the quality of life of many people.



Participating Faith Traditions:

American Indian, Baha’i, SGI and Tibetan Buddhist, Christian (Christian Science, Community of Christ, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Protestant Christian, Roman Catholic, Tempe Seventh Day Adventist, Unification), Hare Krishna, Hindu, Humanist, Indigenous, Islam Judaism, Jain, New Thought (Religious Science, Unity), Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Sikh, Sufi, Scientology, Unitarian Universalist and other faith communities in Arizona.


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Ticket Information:

Cost of the tickets are $80 for single tickets or $600 for a table of 8, which discounts the ticket cost to $75 each for the table.

Online:  You’ll be able to order tickets online through a secure link (NOTE:  If you purchase tickets online, please bring your receipt with you for check-in / tickets.  Thank you…

Single Ticket - $80

Table for 8 - $600 ($75/person)

By Mail:  Or you’re welcome to fill out a Response Card (p. 1 and p. 2) – CLICK HERE, and HERE, then mail the 2 page form and a check to:

AIFM, 2630 South 20th Place, Phoenix, AZ  85034.

We look forward to seeing you there!!  If you have any questions, please call our office at:

602-261-6705 – Nancy Hoffman or 602-261-6703 – Anne Taylor or 602-261-6704 – Dr. Paul Eppinger

Mar, 29 2012 - 17:30

Mesa Convention Center Centennial Hall
Building C – 263 North Center St.
Mesa, AZ