“Establishing Interfaith Friendly Cities” – NAIN Connect 2012

One of the most unique features of the annual North American Interfaith Network [NAIN] Connects is the rich blend of 1.) Issues and best practices from our NAIN members and friends across North America with 2.)Interfaith work local color of our host organization’s city/region. This year’s Connect in Atlanta is an exciting example of this blend.

Title: “Establishing Interfaith Friendly Cities”
Dates: July 15 – 18, 2012
Location: Atlanta, GA


  • Kay Lindahl, founder of the Listening Center, “Sacred Listening”
  • Gail Katz, co-founder of WISDOM and Paula Drewek, President of WISDOM “Women’s Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue and Outreach in Metro Detroit”
  • David Dalley, Program Coordinator at Surrey Neighbouring Faiths Program, “Children First”
  • Grove Harris, “Interfaith Environmental Ethics”
  • Lynda Trono, Manitoba Multifaith Council “The Art of Compassion”
  • Karin Firoza, Youth LEAD Program Director and Trainer, “Mentoring Training: Living the Core Principles”
  • Quaiser Abdullah Assistant Director of IT Temple University, “Loyalty: Transforming Superficial Connections into Meaningful Relationships”
  • Brian Farr, Salt Lake Roundtable, “Interfaith Art and Culture” (combined with Art of Compassion)
  • Ralph Singh, Chair, Wisdom Thinkers Network, “Stories to Light Our Way, Journey to the World of Good”
  • Sande Hart, President of Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope(SARAH), “Interfaith Reconciliation thru Community Building”
  • Kristy Bergman, University of Regina, “The Power of Interfaith Actions, Lessons from Africa”
  • Paul Chafee, San Francisco, “Connecting 10,000 Points of Light: Interfaith Communication and Collaboration for the Next 25 Years”
  • Panel: Rachael Watcher,-Wiccan representative, PK McCary-co-founder of Think Peace International, Bettina Gray, Chair of NAIN, “The Hard Dialogues of Interfaith: What we Are Failing to Discuss”
  • Ruth Broyde Sharone, World Parliament of Religions, Los Angeles “Creative Ways to Engage Communities in Interfaith Collaboration”

For complete information, including Atlanta’s local presenters, pictures, registration, and all the details, please CLICK HERE.